Saturday, 9 August 2014

Steampunk Details

One of the hardest things about building upon an existing chassis is that I seem to spend more time modifying elements that it might have bee faster building the whole thing from scratch. One problem with the chassis is weight distribution. Dalek Caan was front heavy and so the front wheels rode a bit high to of set this. The new build is the opposite, being back heavy. I haver had to raise up the back of the chassis to make the ride height at the back higher. Problem now is that I need to add extra weight to the front to stop it wheeling.

I have fabricated lots of new bits and bobs for this build, I have even rebuilt my old water mini gun and modified it to work on the Dalek. The hard thing about this build is that I don't want to do the same thing as I did with the Steampunk Droid so I need to be very creative. I will probably take both the Dalek and the Droid to events together so it is very important they both look Steampunk, but very different in style, much harder than I initially thought.

All the pictures below show evolution of the design. One minute I like something then the next I change and modify it.

The mechanical arms have worked really well and once moving should look great.

Mini gun always looked awesome.

After a trip to a local car breakers I decided on the hoses at the back.

The old dome was all broken at the front looking like it had exploded. On the new design this won't work. I have recut the dome to create a smooth curve so you can see the main eye mechanisms.

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